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Future Learning is a leading project-based, technology-enhanced English language school with headquarters in Dublin and second centre in the traditional Irish midlands town of Athlone, Ireland. The school offers an innovative and exciting way to learn English and explore Ireland, and is lead by staff with many years of experience in the English language sector.

Since 2015 Future Learning has been a recognised provider of Erasmus+ training courses and has warmly welcomed, organised and shared innovative practices with participants throughout Europe and from all around the world. We have experience in thoroughly assessing the sending institutions’ needs and are very happy to work with your institution to ensure that our training courses meet the development objectives of your Erasmus+ project. 

Looking forward to welcoming many Erasmus+ participants in the coming years, not only to achieve your learning outcomes through technology enhanced learning but to thoroughly enjoy and experience the warmth and friendliness of the Irish people,its culture, landscape and traditions.

Organisation ID: E10093822

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21st Century Skills – Adult English Language Course

  • Stage 1 – Life Skills through English: The initial stage of our course is designed to help people to make a life in Ireland through English and deal successfully with all the situations that will arise at home, socially and work if taking a part-time job. It aims to help develop communication skills that consider the cultural as well as the linguistic challenges to successful communication in English.
  • Stage 2 – Professional Communication: By the end of this course participants will have improved the communication, collaboration, creative problem solving, and critical thinking skills to enable them to do the following in English and through technology in personal and professional contexts.
  • Stage 3 – Foundation for Study through English: By the end of this course participants will have improved their communication, collaboration, creative problem solving, and critical thinking skills to enable them to do the following in English and through technology in a personal context.

Learn more about Future Learning 21st Century Skills Course.

Language & Culture

Ireland is a vibrant centre of culture in the English language, coloured by the unique heritage and history of Ireland. This course aims to combine language refresher sessions with an introduction to and exploration of the life and culture of this unique location. It will be a mix of classroom work and excursions to see the sights. It will provide an exposure to the language in context, tricks and tips to analyse, understand and remember, along with developing an appreciation of the context in which it is used.

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Making Technology Work in the Classroom

Making Technology Work in the Classroom is designed with hands-on workshops which give the teacher lots of practical techniques that they can bring back to their classroom. The course is delivered through the medium of English, which gives participants an opportunity to refresh and improve their communication skills in an authentic workplace environment.

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Mindfulness and Meditation in the Classroom

This course is Future Learning’s Teacher Training Course that aims to teach simple, effective meditation techniques which participants can use to support their own well-being and that of their students. Each day’s topic will be covered through a combination of exercises and practical activities. Participants will learn to meditate for a short time without guidance as well as to prepare and lead a short meditation suitable for their learners.

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FL Trinity Certificate for Practicing Teachers

This course is a fully accredited Trinity College London Level 6 qualification that supports the professional development of English language teachers. It draws upon qualified TESOL teachers’ existing knowledge to explore what it takes to put project- based learning into practice and gain an understanding of the concepts behind it. It promotes the skills and techniques needed to develop and use technology effectively as a resource in teaching and learning.

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