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Sligo Cultural Programme

Sligo Cultural Programme

  • Course Dates: Thursday 30th June to Tuesday 9th August 2022
  • Duration: 2 to 6 weeks
  • Arrival days: Wednesdays
  • Class sizes: Maximum of 15 (Average is 13)
  • Student ages: 11 to 17 years old
  • Individuals: Not accepted

Programme Introduction

Sligo, the capital of the Northwest region, is one of Ireland’s largest towns. It is a unique destination with the dramatic backdrop of Benbulben mountain, glimmering beaches, rolling green hills, and magical woodlands, with unsurpassed outdoor activities.

In modern times its beaches have become a favourite spot for surfers chasing the waves coming in off the Atlantic. The FL Sligo summer programme has a strong focus on embracing this culture of the area literature and also takes full advantage of the amazing activity of surfing in Strandhill, one of Europe’s premier surf destinations.

The School

T Sligo is a fiercely ambitious third-level institution. Working towards re-designation as a Technological University, a €60 million investment in campus facilities over the last decade has created a stunning 21st-century learning environment. IT Sligo is situated on a single modern 72-acre campus and is constantly evolving to reflect the needs of 21st-century students. Everything is within walking distance – including Sligo town centre.

The campus buildings all have large classrooms which are filled with natural light and each room has the latest modern technology to complement our technology-enhanced programmes. 

IT Sligo also has the added bonus of being very close to Sligo city center (just 20 minutes walking) which is great for group leaders and for half-day excursions.

Afternoon and Evening Activities

Afternoon Activities

Our afternoon programme is led by teachers and qualified sports instructors. The teacher-led activities are planned around a learning outcome based on the local Geography, History, Biology, Literature and Culture, both ancient and modern. These activities will be organised in groups based on class divisions so that they can be age and level appropriate. Irish Dancing, Irish music, Gaelic Sports, Story Telling, Poetry/Songwriting and visits to local sites of heritage and culture are included in our weekly activity programmes. One of the main attractions of the FL Sligo programme is the incredible surfing activity which takes place in the scenic Strandhill area, famous for its Atlantic waves. Each Wednesday we go surfing for a half day! Afternoon activities take place from 14:30 to 17:00 four times per week, students leave the school at 17:15.

Evening Activities

In Sligo one evening per week our host family students have a late activity after school. This involves finishing school and then having an activity such as a disco, boat trip or a cultural night. Residential students have a busy schedule with evening activities each evening, sometimes these can be light activities.

Full-Day Excursions

One of the main attractions of the FL Sligo Cultural programme is the incredible surfing activity. Each Wednesday we go surfing for a half-day and on Sundays, there is the option to do additional surfing. Each Saturday all students travel by private coach on a full-day excursion outside of Sligo. Some of the places we like to visit involve showing our students the wonderful nature and landscape which Ireland has to offer; Galway, Dublin city, Donegal are all examples.

On Sundays, the residential students have a local full-day excursion within the Sligo area.

Accommodation Options


The FL Sligo campus offers a very unique and extremely high quality residential accommodation which is less than a ten minute walk to the main campus, classrooms and dining area. This residence is not your standard large University complex instead it is a series of small houses and apartments which are maintained impeccably year round. All is located within a safe, private and gated area. Residential students eat their meals in the University canteen each day. On excursion days a packed lunch is provided. This residence is ideal for visiting students and groups, it is private, picturesque and offers a combination of room types to suit everyone’s needs.

Host Family

Families in Sligo and Athlone are very similar, they do not all live in the town, the majority live outside the town and they drive students to and from school each day. We are one of the only language schools working in these areas for many years and the quality of host families is very high. It is important to emphasise that host families normally live outside the town and in the evening times students will spend the time with their host families. We do not ask host families to drive students back to the town every evening to meet up with friends, but of course on occasions this can happen or meeting up in a local nearby area.

Transport to and from School

In Sligo, the host families who do not live in the town centre drive the students to and from school. Those within walking distance make their own way to school. The majority of our host families live outside the town, anything from 10 to 25 minutes.

Residential students walk to and from school every morning as is only less than 10 minutes to the main campus.

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