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How FL is Different

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Worldwide education systems and schools are currently going through a noticeable shift in teaching and learning methods. This shift is down to the increasing use of modern technology in our everyday lives, especially mobile device technology. All types of schools are now expected to incorporate these technologies into teaching and learning in the classroom and beyond, with many adopting 1:1 tablet devices for staff and students. FL has been at the forefront of these changes for a number of years advising schools in Ireland and overseas in the best ways to make these changes and effectively implement technology into the classroom.

FL Teaching Methodology

Since launching our unique English language programmes Future Learning has made a notable impression within the language sector with our unique approach to teaching English exclusively through technology enhanced methods. The high standard of all aspects of our courses has led to continued growth for 2020. Our founders have vast experience in the English language sector, second level education as well as some of the top IT companies, and we are aware of the expectations of today’s students and what is required of them in a fast paced modern world. We are also acutely aware that the English language levels of our foreign students are improving each year. This why rather than continuing with the standard language courses, we cater for those looking for something different, innovative and exciting.

Leaders in technology enhanced language learning

While the teaching and learning remains face to face, the entire educational approach at FL is centered around harnessing the everyday devices which students are familiar with and eager to use in the classroom. These devices include tablets, mobile phones, desktop computers, laptops, interactive and touch screen boards. FL operates in schools and institutes that cater for our learners needs and provide modern 21st Century learning environments. You can read more about these facilities further into our 2020 brochure.

Our English lessons are renowned for being incredibly active and fun with a strong focus on group and project work. We also strive for our lessons to have a strong link between the classroom and our activity programme.

We are acutely aware that technology and the modern world moves fast, with this in mind we are also constantly developing our unique English language curriculum and working to improve year after year for the benefit of our students.

Linking social programme to lessons

Activities at Future Learning are an essential part of the learning experience. This is done by linking language lessons to the activities so that students understand and are able to describe what they are seeing. This not only turns it into a language learning opportunity, it also helps to make the activity more vivid and memorable.

What makes our approach to activities different is also we plan a programme where each activity is an exciting educational experience in its own right. We do this by drawing on a range of content areas from science, to home economics, to art, to provide activities lead by our specialist teachers. This turns our activity programme into a content and language integration programme, which allows the students to experience English in a range of interesting real-life contexts.

Creative activities in international groups with the use of modern technology.

ePortfolio & Modules

We all like to show off our hard work and Future Learning is keen to showcase each student’s talent. What better way to this than displaying this work instantly online and allowing friends, family and classmates to view it all over the world. ePortfolio is the one mandatory module of our course where every student will be taught how to create and update their own online ePortfolio. This unique module instantly allows our students to display all their exciting work along with sharing their images and experiences of Ireland and Future Learning.

In addition to the ePortfolio we can offer some more exciting modules when you arrive!


“…it does not matter if you are not so technologically experienced as we have the ability and knowledge to cater for all levels”

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