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Future Learning Data Protection Rules (GDPR)

This is the data we collect in order to provide you with:

Data on students; level, performance, and progress; student work (writing, video and audio recordings, presentations, and images – including screenshots of the online sessions and short videos of students in action).

The purpose of this data is:

  • To manage and organise the placement and teaching of students.
  • To evaluate the quality and effectiveness of Future Learning courses.
  • To show through pictures and videos what the programme at Future Learning looks like to the parents and teachers of our current students
  • To explain through pictures and videos the educational approach of our courses to future students.
  • To promote these courses through pictures and videos to schools who would like to send students to us.

This data will be stored and can be accessed:

  • In an on or off-line database with passworded access for relevant users only.
  • In a company email system with passworded access for relevant users only.
  • In cloud-based spreadsheets with passworded access for relevant users only.
  • In a cloud storage folder with email invite access for relevant users only and in the case of course photos and videos this includes students attending this course and their parents or teachers.
  • Selected course photos and videos may be published and accessed on: The Future Learning website, The Future Learning social media channels e.g., Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc., Future Learning promotional emails.

This data be kept for:

  • As long as it is needed for the operation of host family placements, course formation, evaluation, feedback, and promotion or until requested to be deleted.

This data will be accessible to:

  • FL academic and accommodation teams who administer and deliver of these programmes.
  • Students and parents, group leaders and teachers who are accompanying when they are here.
  • In the case of photos and videos selected as marketing material, these will be publicly available on our website and social media.

Requests for action:

  • The subject of the data can request a copy of all the data held to be sent to them at any time.
  • The subject of the data can request an amendment or deletion of the data at any time in the future,

How you can contact us about this:

You can contact us at any time by emailing our data protection officer at

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