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Erasmus+ | Foundation Skills through English

Foundation for Study through English | B2 to C1

At a glance

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    Course Location

    Dublin and Athlone

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    Course Dates and Prices

    Please check Erasmus+ calendar

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    2 weeks

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    Class Size

    15 maximum, 5 minimum

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    Student Age

    Minimum 18 (Varies from 22 to 65)

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    Entry Requirements

    Minimum level of English:
    B1, Intermediate

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    Cultural Activities

    2 teacher-led activities included per week

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    Comfort hotel, residence and host family options

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    Public transport (if required) and airport transfers included in Erasmus+ package price

21st Century Communication Skills: Foundation for Study through English | Course Introduction

Future Learning believes that all learners choose to study English for a purpose and our courses are designed with a sense of that purpose; personal, social, professional and academic. Future Learning also emphasises the importance of learner autonomy, and our courses invite the learner to take responsibility for their progress, help them to develop their learning skills and the ability to develop themselves.

Future Learning’s Adult Course is divided into three stages according to English language level. At each stage the exit criteria are those specified in the relevant Integrated Skills Exam (ISE) for ILEP purposes by Trinity College London.

Stage 3: Foundation for Study through English – Levels B2 to C1

Learner Profile

The third stage is designed to equip people to make a success of studying in an English speaking country. The aim is to equip participants to communicate effectively in English in order to be able to progress academically. Effective communication is about more than just the language, it is about engaging with the educational culture in an appropriate way. It aims to help develop communication skills that consider the cultural as well as the linguistic challenges to successfully studying in an English-speaking institution.

Learner Outcomes at C1

By the end of the course, participants will have

  • improved the communication, collaboration, creative problem solving, and critical thinking skills to enable them to do the following in English and through technology in personal, professional and academic contexts;
  • understood a wide range of demanding, longer academic texts, and recognise implicit meaning
  • expressed him/herself fluently and spontaneously without much obvious searching for expressions
  • used language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes
  • produced clear, well-structured, detailed text on complex academic subjects, showing controlled use of organisational patterns, connectors and cohesive devices

21st Century Communication Skills Foundation for Study through English
Sample Schedule for Mornings or Afternoons*

*Please note the following:
  • 21st Century Communication Skills Foundation for Study through English is eligible for Erasmus+ funding
  • the actual morning or afternoon schedule will be confirmed to participants one month in advance of the course start date
  • the two teacher-led activities are part of the Erasmus+ funded programme and are included for Erasmus+ participants
  • adults on short-stay or acaedmic year who are not participating under Erasmus+ are welcome to join subject to availability and at an additional cost.
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    Course: Stage 3 - Foundation for Study through English

    Future Learning is a school completely unlike anything I’ve ever known. It may seem cliché, however, it is the truth. Mainly, the teaching methodology trains a student through experiences away from books and conventional approaches. And believe me, it works very naturally. I’d say, with all certainty, that this year of study helped me to develop all areas of the language in a very fast and challenging way. I recommend the school to everyone who wants to expand their knowledge and get confidence: from young people to professionals. Future Learning has everything you might need.

    Renan Bolnha


    Future Learning’s Erasmus+ PIC


    Our Participant Identification Code (PIC) identifies Future Learning as an Erasmus+ training provider. We would be happy to work with your institution to develop an Erasmus+ project which includes our teacher training course and that will attract EU funding for professional development through your national agency.

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