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Tell us what you can do and we will tell you your level.

Language learning at Future learning is about so much more than grammar and grades, it is about authentic communication and technology skills.

When we think about level, we think about what a student can do, and not just what they know.

Answer questions about your real English Speaking Skills or your Digital Skills and we will tell you what your European skill level is.

This six-level scale is used across European countries to describe language skills for work, study and social purposes.

We believe that knowing where you are, helps you understand how to improve.

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English Speaking Skill Quiz

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Digital Skill Quiz

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  • We will use your email to send you feedback on your level along with some helpful information on how to develop your language skills with Future Learning.

FL Adult Programme Application Assessment

If you are looking for our FL Adult Programme Application Assessment click on the link below and after you have submitted our academic team will be in touch with your personalised feedback and indication of which programme is the best option for you. 

FL Adult English Level Assessment

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