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FL Online Courses - English

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Delivering online language learning, for closed groups, which is interactive and engaging

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Online Sessions

FL online lessons are delivered using our dedicated and advanced e-learning platform. Our platform is accessible through mobile devices, desktop computers and laptops having a keyboard is preferred in order to complete writing tasks.

Students just need a stable Wifi connection and lots of enthusiasm!


€350 per person for 4 weeks

Minimum 6 Participants, Maximum 12 Participants

Course Overview

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Our online adult English courses are designed for students from A2+ (pre-intermediate) to C1 (advanced) levels who want to develop their ability to communicate and collaborate effectively in English through technology for personal, professional, academic and social purposes, appropriate to your level. These courses have three elements:

  1. Live interactive sessions with the teacher and a group of other international students to introduce project topic and language focus, set tasks, answer students’ questions and organise interactive communicative practice between them.
  2. Collaborative project tasks, which are completed by the students working together in pairs or small groups at set times with the teacher available to answer queries and make suggestions and give feedback where needed. Project conclusions will be presented in the final live session of each week.
  3. Individual language tasks, which can be done at a time that suits you during the day and your progress will be monitored by the teacher and additional work suggested in areas needed.

What's Included?

  • 40 hours of language learning per course:
  • 24 hours of live teacher-led sessions, four 90 minute sessions per week
  • 8 hours of collaborative tasks with teacher feedback
  • 8 hours of individual language practice
  • 3 levels, A2+ (pre-intermediate) to C1 (advanced)
  • Highly qualified English language teachers
  • Full access to the Future Learning online platform for course and supporting materials
  • Maximum of 12 international students per class
  • eWorkbooks powered by National Geographic Learning
  • Dedicated FL email account
  • Access to the full suite of Google Apps for Education
  • An independently validated exam (after a minimum of 3 months)
  • Live classes in time slots that works for you
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How does it work?

Pre Course

Pre Course

In order to advise you are at the correct class level, we will first invite you to first to complete our precourse task which will be emailed to you.

We will assess your task and reply with a report on your current language level within 24 hours. You will then know which course you should join on the Future Learning Online Platform.

During Course

During Course

Courses are divided into four week blocks and are delivered through the dedicated FL online learning platform.

You will have a schedule of all sessions and tasks for the month and you will work together within an international group of up to 12 students.

Post Course

Post Course

After the course you will continue to have access to that month’s material on the FL online platform for up to six months.

After you have completed a minimum of three months your teacher will recommend an externally validated exam to certify your language level.

You will then want to enrol again!

Sample Course Schedule

Course Schedule

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