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Future Learning (FL) is an Eaquals accredited language school located in Dublin, Ireland.

FL specialises in modern teaching methodologies and project based learning. In 2020 we will enter our seventh year and in that short space of time we have turned a lot of heads within the language industry. During 2019 we welcomed just under 6,000 students on our range of programmes.

Here is a quick background of the programmes which we offer:

  • Summer schools in Ireland; For 2020 Future learning offers five different summer programme options in three superb locations in Ireland (Dublin, Athlone and Sligo). all located in modern educational institutes. Both host family and residential accommodation are available. In these locations, we focus on STEAM Programmes (Athlone and Dublin) and Cultural programmes(Dublin city center and Sligo).
  • Computer Science Programme:  For 2020 due to demand we are offering the Computer science programme to international students in Athlone . This course provides students with the opportunity to learn and practice the basics of coding all through English. 
  • Winter programme: in our modern Dublin City center campus. This new programme focus on Projects designed to develop 21st Century skills during the winter school holiday.
  • Transnational Education We have been in China for the last three years, we started in Russia this year and are preparing to do the same in India, Brazil and Mexico.
  • Mini-stays; year round programmes for school groups. These are one of our best selling programmes and increasing in popularity. Mini-stays are tailored to suit your requirements, usually 5-14 nights and you can choose from a long list of activities and excursions.
  • High School programmes; FL works with almost 50 high schools, a mixture of public and private schools all over Ireland. Attend an Irish secondary school for 6 months or 1-2 years and complete the Leaving Certificate (equivalent to the A-Levels).
  • Teacher Training; FL specialises in training teachers on how to use technology in the classroom. Most of this teacher training takes place overseas but also in our Dublin summer school during July as part of the European funded Erasmus+ programme.
  • Adult programmes; we offer a range of innovative adult courses for the 21st Century Learner. We offer superb locations along with high quality teaching which promises to foster development and progression.

If you would like to receive printed copies of our brochures or price sheets to your address please send your details to one of our business developers below and we will be happy to arrange this postage instantly.

Bruno – All Markets: bruno@flireland.com 

Fernanda – Brazil: fernanda@flireland.com

Idoia – Latin America Market (except Brazil):  idoia@flireland.com 

Summer Programmes

STEAM and Cultural programmes 

Main points:

  • Summer programmes in Ireland (Dublin, Athlone, Sligo)
  • FL Summer programmes are aimed at 11-17 year olds, but in some cases will consider younger groups.
  • Our Dublin Cultural programme is aimed at  17 to 20 year old, giving them more freedom than our young learner programme. 
  • Our summer centres are located only in the modern school buildings and Universities.
  • We prefer arrivals and departures on Saturday and Sunday. Sligo allows for a mid week arrival.
  • FL has developed a unique curriculum which teaches English through technology with fun and engaging activities.
  • Trinity GESE exam courses are available in our Dublin centre.
  • All students must bring a tablet device (eg. iPad) or smartphone.
  • Host family accommodation is available in Dublin, Sligo and Athlone.
  • Residential accommodation available in Dublin and Sligo.
  • Group leader ratio: 1:10 for host family, 1:15 for residence. For smaller groups we will allow group leaders at a pro rata discount or by agreement.

Pricing: Gross prices for our junior programmes can be viewed by clicking here.

Booking Form: You can view and download our booking form for all centres by clicking here.

Payment procedure:

  • For homestay and residential bookings we require €200/£200 deposit per student at time of booking.
  • For Non EU students requiring visas, bookings should be made as early as possible and payment in full has to be made for visa purposes. In the unlikely event of visa refusal, we will immediately let you have a refund of fees in full.
  • Balance to be 30 days before student/group arrival.
  • FL can issue net or gross invoices, depending on your preference.


Fam trips:

We value our agents and realise how important this partnership is. As agents you are the vital link between our school and prospective students. In certain instances, if you are thinking of organising a group to Ireland and don’t know our school, we may be able to fund a trip to Dublin in order to show you our facilities, where we are based and, in the case of High Schools, show you some of the schools we work with.

High School (Academic year)

Main points:

  • FL works with almost 50 top second level private and public schools.
  • FL founder David worked in the Irish second-level system for over 10 years, he has expert knowledge within this area.
  • Irish private schools are much cheaper than the UK as the Irish state still financially supports private education.
  • The most common year for our international students is TY (Transition Year) where students are 15/16 years of age.
  • After this many students come for the complete senior cycle which is 4th, 5th and 6th year.
  • The Irish Leaving Cert is equivalent to A/S Level, IB or Advanced Placement and is universally accepted as a matriculation qualification by top Universities globally
  • FL offers two high school terms: Term 1. September to December, Term 2. January to May
  • Terms are not guaranteed in public schools.
  • It is advisable to register high school interest before Christmas time. Irish schools calculate their intake usually in February.
  • All families must pay a €1000 or €600 contingency fund which is managed by FL on behalf of the student’s’ family. This is used for items such as books, school uniform, stationary etc. the balance is fully refunded upon departure.

Pricing: please request our net pricing maria@flireland.com

Commission:  FL provides agents with net pricing and can recommend the margin to include.

Payment procedure:

  • €1,000 euro deposit is required upon a definite school offer in order to secure the place.
  • Deposit to be paid 30 days after receiving our invoice.
  • Balance to be paid 60 days before student arrival.
  • FL can issue net or gross invoices depending on your preference.



Main points:

  • Mini-stays are offered from September to June.
  • FL can offer to integrate your group with local students, usually 15/16 years of age. See the link below – ‘Intercultural communication projects’. This is only available during school term time. On this website, you can find the dates for Irish school holidays – click here
  • It is possible to arrange a mini-stay without lessons but only during off-peak periods.
  • Minimum size for a mini-stay group is 12 students.
  • Students stay with host families in the beautiful seaside village of Malahide, Portmarnock, Donabate or Kinsealy – all are approximately 15 minutes from Dublin airport.
  • Residential accommodation is also available upon request.
  • Lessons take place either in Malahide, Dublin City centre or new for 2020 is Athlone (the centre of Ireland).

Pricing: please request our net pricing brochure info@flireland.com

Commission: FL  provides agents with a net price based on your group’s requirements.

Payment procedure:

  • €100 per student deposit (non-refundable) is required at the time of booking.
  • Deposit to be paid 30 days after receiving our invoice.
  • Balance to be cleared 30 days prior to the group’s arrival.


Teachers Training & Erasmus+

  • Courses for second level teachers interested in how technology enhanced learning can used in their classroom. They are run in conjunction with our highly successful technology enhanced summer language school.
  • Courses are of two-weeks duration, with minimum of 20 hours of training per week, Monday to Friday. A one-week timetable is available for those looking for an introduction to the topic.
  • Course delivered through the medium of English and offers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the language in a working environment. A B2 level of English is recommended.
  • Two cultural visits per week are included in the tuition fees.
  • Eligible for Erasmus+ mobility funding which is available to schools in the 27 EU Member States as well as five non-EU Member States (former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Turkey).
  • Full board and accommodation can be organised in a private room with one of our friendly local host families.

We offer 2 different kinds of programmes:

Making Technology Work In The Classroom | Erasmus+

Mindfulness and meditation in the classroom | Erasmus+


Future Learning Adult English Language Course

The following is an outline of the adult programmes that we run at the Future Learning Dublin city campus. We believe that all learners choose to study English for a purpose and our courses are designed with a sense of that purpose; personal, social, professional and academic. We also emphasize the importance of learner autonomy, and our courses invite the learner to take responsibility for their progress, help them to develop their learning skills and the ability to develop themselves.

Our adult course is divided into three stages according to English language level. At each stage the exit criteria are those specified in the relevant Integrated Skills Exam (ISE) set by Trinity College London.

All of our courses are project-based which means the students will learn English while working together and making use of technology as a basic tool of communication and a support for language learning. Our course has 15 hours of project-based tuition per week (morning or afternoon) and we have the add-on option of a daily Communication Workshop which brings the total tuition hours to 20 per week. Self-study tasks are also set at least two a week with individual feedback given on them.

Stage 1: Life Skills Through English – Levels A2 to B1

The initial stage of our course is designed to help people to make a life in Dublin through English and deal successfully with all the situations that will arise at work, at home and socially. It aims to help develop communication skills that consider the cultural as well as the linguistic challenges to successful communication in English.

Stage 2: Professional Communication – Levels B1 to B2

The second stage is designed for professionals who are interested in developing their spoken and written communication skills in an international and technology enhanced environment. The aim is to equip participants to communicate effectively in English in order to be able to progress professionally. Dublin is a hub for international technology companies who employ multinational teams to service European markets in the first language. The language of coordination and management in these companies is always English. however, and in order to progress in your career you need to be able to present yourself well and communicate effectively in that language. Effective communication is about more than just the language, it is about engagement with the culture of the company in an appropriate way.

Stage 3: Foundation for Study through English – Levels B2 to C1

The third stage is designed to equip people to make a success of studying in an English speaking country. The aim is to equip participants to communicate effectively in English in order to be able to progress academically. Effective communication is about more than just the language, it is about engaging with the educational culture in an appropriate way. It aims to help develop communication skills that consider the cultural as well as the linguistic challenges to successful studying in an English-speaking institution.

Daily Communication Workshop

These one-hours sessions are held in the middle of the day for an hour from Monday to Friday. They are an opportunity for students from different classes to get together and communicate about topics of current interest. The written and spoken communication tasks are set-up by the teacher with feedback on effectiveness any opportunities for repetition and consolidation.

Our Application Process

In order to be able to fulfill our commitment to our students, it is important that they enter at the right stage. As part of the application process students will be asked to submit a sample of their written and spoken English. We will use this to advise which is the appropriate programme for the student according to their level of English. They can also send any relevant certificates of previous studies to be considered when emailing the task.

Over a 25 weeks programme we aim to bring a group of students progressively up a full level to reach the communicative outcome and successfully take the exit exam. From B1 (Intermediate) to B2 (Upper-Intermediate) and pass the Trinity ISE II, for example, or from B2 (Upper-Intermediate) to C1 (Advanced) and pass the Trinity ISE III. Students on Educational visas are normally allowed a maximum of two years to achieve their desired outcome level.


Future Learning Adult English Language Courses

 Application Form – Future Learning Adult English Language Courses

Future Learning Adult Booklet

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