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Adult Programmes

2022 Adult 18+ Starting Dates – FL Dublin City Center and FL Athlone

21st Century Skills in English:

  • January: 10th January and 24th January 
  • February: 07th February and 21st February 
  • March: 07th March and 21st March
  • April: 04th April and 19th April*
  • May: 03rd May* and 16th May 
  • June: 07th June* and 20th June
  • July: 04th July and 18th July 
  • August: 02nd August* and 15th August
  • September: 05th September and 19th September
  • October: 03rd October and 17th October
  • November: 07th November and 21st November
  • December: 05th December

*Class starts Tuesday this week as Monday is a bank holiday

Academic Year (25 weeks + 8 weeks holidays)

  • January: 10th January 
  • February: 07th February 
  • March: 07th March 
  • April: 04th April  
  • May: 02nd May
  • June: 06th June
  • July: 04th July 
  • August: 02nd August* 
  • September: 05th September 
  • October: 03rd October 
  • November: 07th November 
  • December: 05th December

Language & Culture Experience

  • January: 31st January
  • February: 28th February 
  • May: 23rd May
  • June: 20th June
  • July: 04th July, 18th July and 25th July
  • August: 02nd August* and 08th August
  • September: 26th September
  • October: 24th October
  • November: 21st November 

*Class starts Tuesday this week as Monday is a bank holiday

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