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Future Learning Adult English Language Course

We believe that all learners choose to study English for a purpose and our courses are designed with a sense of that purpose; personal, social, professional and academic. We also emphasise the importance of learner autonomy, and our courses invite the learner to take responsibility for their progress, help them to develop their learning skills and the ability to develop themselves.

Our adult course is divided into three stages according to the English language level. At each stage, the exit criteria are those specified in the relevant Integrated Skills Exam (ISE) for ILEP purposes by Trinity College London.

All of our courses are project-based which means the students will learn English while working together and making use of technology as a basic tool of communication and support for language learning. Our course has 15 hours of project-based tuition per week (morning or afternoon) and we have the add-on option of a daily  Communication Workshop which brings the total tuition hours to 20 per week. Self-study tasks are also set at least two a week with individual feedback given on them.

Stage 1: Life Skills Through English – Levels A2 to B1

The initial stage of our course is designed to help people to make a life in Dublin through English and deal successfully with all the situations that will arise at work, at home and socially. It aims to help develop communication skills that consider the cultural as well as the linguistic challenges to successful communication in English.

Stage 2: Professional Communication – Levels B1 to B2

The second stage is designed for professionals who are interested in developing their spoken and written communication skills in an international and technology-enhanced environment. The aim is to equip participants to communicate effectively in English in order to be able to progress professionally. Dublin is a hub for international technology companies who employ multinational teams to service European markets in the first language. The language of coordination and management in these companies is always English. However, and in order to progress in your career, you need to be able to present yourself well and communicate effectively in that language. Effective communication is about more than just the language, it is about engagement with the culture of the company in an appropriate way.

See Listing on European School Education Gateway for short courses


Stage 3: Foundation for Study through English – Levels B2 to C1

The third stage is designed to equip people to make a success of studying in an English speaking country. The aim is to equip participants to communicate effectively in English in order to be able to progress academically. Effective communication is about more than just the language, it is about engaging with the educational culture in an appropriate way. It aims to help develop communication skills that consider the cultural as well as the linguistic challenges to successful studying in an English-speaking institution.


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I took the decision to renew my English course with Future Learning because I had an excellent experience with them. Future Learning is not just a traditional English school, the project-based teaching method that they use makes the school distinctive from the rest. In Future Learning you will have the opportunity to improve all the necessary skills to comunícate fluently in real life, learning every day from different topics, discussing and giving opinions. Also the staff members are very friendly and always ready to bring support”.
Ana Lidia Ramírez Mora

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Future Learning offers many different ways to meet all my needs for learning English.
The course is very well organized and along with the technology-related methodology helped me to learn easily. All the staff are very helpful and the teachers are excellent!
Ricardo Evangelista

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My experience at Future Learning was incredible.
I believe that technology is a great tool to use between teacher and students, mainly because my old school was very weak and did not care about the development of each student. FL made me happy the most when we were in the communicative and dynamic classes everyday and taking a test every week to explore and develop our reading, interpretation, listening and writing. This helped me a lot in the process, I had very happy moments with the other students celebrating birthdays and projects.
Arthur Schetini

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I'd say, with all certainty, that this year of study helped me to develop all areas of the language in a very fast and challenging way. I recommend the school to everyone who wants to expand their knowledge and get confidence: from young people to professionals. Future Learning has everything you might need.
Renan Bolonha

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Future Learning is definitely a distinct school, preparation, caring and planning classes are visible. I fell in love with the project's work, I was able to learn, challenge myself and enjoyed the process at the same time. Learning a language is an individual process, however when you are at a school where all staff, from reception to coordination are concerned to teaching it is motivating!

I wasn't a number, they saw that I was there to fulfill my dream of learning English, is that kind of respect they offer to any student. That was crucial for me. I'm sure Future Learning was the right choice.
Suzi Kelly de Lima Lino

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When I started my classes in Future Learning I was not confident about speaking English, but I was excited and hopeful that the method would work and help me to improve my English skills. The classes with focus on communication helped me a lot with my confidence and after a few months I was able to do speech and presentations in front of all my classmates. It made me very happy and then I could see how much improvement I had gotten. I am very grateful for my classmates, teachers and all Future Learning staff that helped me during this process. For sure I will renew my English course with them. Thank you!
Caroline Duarte

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My course at school was not just to learn a new language, but to learn new cultures, people and do things I had never done before. All of this is a very interesting concept that made me learn much more than I expected. I can say that my time at Future Learning was a great experience for me!
Jhonata Braz

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I always looked for a school that would offer me not only good quality teaching and good facilities. I was looking for a school that went beyond. With a friendly and familiar atmosphere. Future Learning is all that for me.
Wellington Gustavo Emidio


How to apply?

In order to be able to fulfil our commitment to our students, it is important that they enter at the right stage. As part of the application process students will be asked to submit a sample of their written and spoken English, which can be sent online from the link below, FL Adult English Level Assessment. We will use this to advise which is the appropriate programme for the student according to their level of English. They can also send any relevant certificates of previous studies to be considered when emailing the task.

Over a 25 weeks programme we aim to bring a group of students progressively up a full level to reach the communicative outcome and successfully take the exit exam. From B1 (Intermediate) to B2 (Upper-Intermediate) and pass the Trinity ISE II, for example, or from B2 (Upper-Intermediate) to C1 (Advanced) and pass the Trinity ISE III. Students on Educational visas are normally allowed a maximum of two years to achieve their desired outcome level.

FL Adult English Level Assessment


  • Address: 25 Wolfe Tone Street, Dublin 1.

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