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High school year in Ireland

Making technology work in the classroom

The course was delivered by excellent teachers , the workshops were interesting and enjoyable and the residence was comfortable and the food and the staff was outstanding. We definitely recommend Future Learning to anyone who would like to learn and have fun!
Ilaria Prestifilippo – Italy

Adult courses

I choose to come here because the class is a combination between course and exam. I knew future learning had a different approach of teaching so this is why i choose to study here.
Alexandra, Russia

Dublin Business Academy

New methodology to interact with students using technology creating collaborative task and group work which make the classes more attractive.
Cassio, Brazil

High School programme

High school was a very unique experience and even if the other pupils were younger it helped me a lot as my English wasn’t great before. After a few months, I gained a lot of confidence in my English and I can see the difference.
Tristan G. French (18)

Culture programme | Dublin

Great organization and really nice and helpful people. At FL We felt like at home and the staff were very involved in the classes and in the afternoon activities.
Patricia Ferris (Spain)

Culture programme | Sligo

Ireland is a great country, the scenery here is beautiful and the people are friendly. I benefited a lot from this experience and enjoyed every bit of it.
Hua (China)

STEAM programme | Athlone

I am really happy about the FL Athlone programme. The families, the activities and the excursions have all been great! Congratulations on such a good programme.
Franchesca (Italy)

STEAM programme | Dublin

FL approach consists on using English not as a subject to learn but as a vehicle to learn other skills. I would say that this approach is much closer to the natural process of acquiring a language.Classes were very interesting for the students as they were using new technologies to work in projects and they all think it is really cool. 100% satisfied with the programme. Miguel – Spain (GL)