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Modern Summer Schools

Donabate Community CollegeIn order to class Future Learning as a school which is at the forefront of technology enhanced learning it is essential we have the correct building, the correct infrastructure and the correct facilities. Our summer school in Donabate is one of the most technologically advanced buildings in the country, it is a new and modern building and has the ability to cater for 1,000 students – space is not a problem! We are confident in saying that our Dublin summer school and its facilities have the edge over all other schools in Dublin, and perhaps Ireland. The school is a fifteen minute drive from Malahide and just one stop away on the train (known as the DART) from the Malahide village taking just 4 minutes.

Our school in Canterbury, UK is located within Christ Church University. The campus is extremely beautiful and has a very nice warm and homely feel. The classrooms are bright, spacious and modern. Working with a University such as Christ Church we are very lucky to have access to all of the third level facilities which are extremely high quality. Computer labs and classrooms are all located within close proximity to each other.


The facilities of our schools are fantastic and here is a taste of what to expect:

  • 100 Megabyte Broadband
  • A wireless infrastructure which can cater for up to 10,000 mobile devices
  • Classroom facilities with top of the range interactive touch screen boards
  • Computer rooms with modern desktop computers
  • Computers to specifically cater for 3D Modelling
  • Many specialist rooms including 2 Woodwork rooms, Engineering room, Technology room, 5 Science Laboratories (in Dublin)
  • Spacious rooms/areas with computer facilities for Group Leaders
  • Each school has a gym with dance studio, spin room and exercise rooms
  • Large indoor sports halls and cafes
  • Basketball/Tennis courts
  • Open planned architecture
  • Bright, spacious and colourful
  • Large open areas for students to chill out
  • Assembly area for introductions, presentations & & award ceremonies
  • Large courtyard where students can eat lunch

Curriculum details

English Language Lessons
Your Future Learning teachers are young, energetic and willing to assist you both inside and outside the classroom in any way they can. English language lessons last for a total of 3 hours each day and we cater for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. These levels are determined by sitting a test which students take on the first Monday morning of their arrival. In our lessons there is a large focus on keeping the student interested, sharing views, group work and throughout all of this we consistently encourage creativity.

ePortfolio & Modules
download-brochureWe all like to show off our hard work and Future Learning is keen to showcase each student’s talent. What better way to this than displaying this work instantly online and allowing friends, family and classmates to view it all over the world. ePortfolio is the one mandatory module of our course where every student will be taught how to create and update their own online ePortfolio. This unique module instantly allows our students to display all their exciting work along with sharing their images and experiences of Ireland/UK and Future Learning.

In addition to the ePortfolio we can offer some more exciting modules when you arrive!


“…it does not matter if you are not so technologically experienced as we have the ability and knowledge to cater for all levels”