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2016 Brochure

Future Learning works with Top Irish Secondary Schools in a variety of great locations about Ireland to offer academic year placements.

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Future Learning Ireland selects only the best schools which aim to develop the cultural, creative and intellectual development of each student in every aspect of school life. These  schools work alongside us to provide a learning environment in which our students can achieve the standards of excellence appropriate to their potential and ability. We offer both public and private schools as well as boarding and host family options.  Term placements are also available.

About the Irish Education System

The standard Irish Education System is broken into 6 years and schools in Ireland are obliged to open for 167 days per year at second level.

Years 1 to 3
Average age of 12 years to 15 years. Known as 1st to 3rd year and the Junior Cycle. The State examination marks the end of this cycle in 3rd year and is known as the Junior Certificate of the Department of Education & Skills.

Year 4
Average age of 15 & 16 years. This year is known as fourth year or Transition Year. In most Irish schools this is an optional year which many students decide to uptake. Transition Year provides a strong basis for 5th & 6th years and also allows for the exploration of many other subject areas along with participating in outside projects and cultural experiences. Most schools in Ireland allow students to participate in work experience for 1 to 4 weeks during Transition Year. This year is our most popular year for one year visiting foreign

Year 5 to 6
Average age of 17 & 18 years. The Senior Cycle is of two years duration with 5th year providing a foundation for the final 6th year known as the Leaving Certificate.The Leaving Certificate examination (Ireland’s State Exam ) is used as an entrance qualification for all the universities in the Republic of Ireland. Each school has a Career Guidance Department which will assist students with applications through the CAO (Central
Applications Office) should they decide to pursue their College/University (3rd level) entrance. The Irish Leaving Certificate is also used as an entrance qualification for universities in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The school’s Career Guidance Department works closely with all pupils, throughout their time at our school, to identify potential course options and career choices and assists with applications.
It is widely accepted as an entrance qualification for universities throughout the European Union and around the world.

Ireland has some of the finest Universities and Colleges to offer including: Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, Dublin City University, National University of Ireland Maynooth, University College Cork, University of Limerick, National University of Ireland Galway, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, National College of Art and Design.

Dates & Enrollment

Depending on the school you choose the requirements will be slightly different. For example, all of our schools require previous school reports along with a letter from your existing school but some schools may want you to visit their school officer prior to entrance and in some cases sit an exam prior to June 2015. Once you register your interest and get in contact with us we will help you in every area
and make the process very easy.

The Irish secondary school year runs from August 27th 2014 to May 29th 2015. We recommend registering your interest before the Christmas break.

If you would like further information or to enrol on our high school year programmes please send an email to